"Hayya Asia" – which means "Come on Asia" in English – was the slogan for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023. This slogan embodied the vibrancy of Asian football and the unity of this prestigious tournament, which brought together the continent's top teams.

Hayya Asia creatively used Arabic calligraphy, merging Arabic with English to symbolize the fusion of Qatari culture with the broader Asian spirit. By following the elements of the tournament, the design enhanced the event’s unique identity. This logo boosted the tournament's branding by adding energy and appeal. Hayya Asia logo created a visually striking emblem that resonated with local and international audiences, generating excitement and a strong brand identity.

This Project for The AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2023 & LOC
Lead & Logo Design: Mohamed Faris
Brand Manager: Micheal Ochs
Collateral & Production Design: Viswanathan Appu
Content & Digital Team: Hela, Mohamed Ghanam, Ali AlQudha, Nabila, Qais, Catriona, Mohamed Adnan
City & Stadium Dressing Team: Fawzy, Alexandra & Konstantin
Brand Services Team: Tobias Toon, Rasha Abusada & Manshad
Media Planning Team:Cameron, Terry
Advertising Team: Asterios Chalkias, Yasmeen Hamad
Production: ViswaKumar & Nilson

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